About Minimalism.

“Minimalist” is often equated simply with “less” – but my truth is that a minimalist perspective is a matter of acquiring and keeping only the best of what is needed or wanted. I enjoy demonstrating how “restrictions” – creating boundaries – allow an overall work to evolve into an even greater variety of expressions that are reusable, adaptable, and scalable. I’ve termed this “bold minimalism” and all of my work (in both art & design) explores this concept.


How the print got started: original needlework based pattern.

I like to fuse structure, colour, and geometric motifs to create final works that can be displayed or worn. My mediums are textile (fabric), environmental (wall works), and fiber (needlepoint).

Print: “Every Possible Future” and Hanging Sculpture: “A Dream if Ever There Were One”

My art is a direct result of a continued evolution as a Digital Designer. This ‘design-life’ – an often exacting dance between aesthetics and accuracy – has become a major influence in my ‘art-life’. And so, my art making is quite deliberate – not employing the organic approach often associated with creating.


At the “Emerald City” Art Show 2014. My exhibit is called “1836.”


Making monotony desirable through patterns – seeing the beauty in the repetitive – is an irony that fuels my imagination during each project. And despite the methodized nature of my  creative process, the resulting work possesses a duality of bare and baroque.